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Tyres good quality low cost tyres in Newport, Telford, Shrewsbury

Low prices & high quality replacement tyres in Shropshire and surrounding areas like Newport, Telford, Shrewsbury, Tibberton & Edgmond.

Why do I need to check my tyres
Safety - did you know when the road is wet, braking in this condition and stopping time is doubled. Combined with fully functional brakes, good quality tyres contribute to the stopping of your car. Also there is a legal obligation to having good quality and road worthy tyres. The legal limit in regards to tread is 1.6mm on each of your 4 tyres, failing this could result in 3 points on your licence and a hefty fine if you are caught.

Why would I need replacements?
To be safe and to keep within the law. Also you must have 4 fully road worthy tyres to comply with a MOT pass.

Although we don't fit tyres at our premises at the moment, we can however arrange for this to be done as part of a MOT or service.

"Great quality service & honest company, really refreshing to know three are people out there" - Sam Dolan