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Exhausts - we can test, repair or replace your car exhaust system in Telford

Exhaust repair in Telford, Exhaust replacement in Shropshire, New exhausts in Shrewsbury

Do I need a new exhaust?
Exhausts are one of the most common parts of a car to break, purely down to the fact that they are used a lot along with brakes, tyres etc. With exhausts they normally corrode from the inside out, common noises to listen for are blowing, racing car sounds, roaring or a metallic noise. The easiest way to listen if there is a problem, is when you first turn your key and the car starts, this is the best time to notice anything loud or unfamiliar. Our advice is don't hesitate; get the system as well as the exhaust checked to avoid premature damage.

How important is a working exhaust?
An exhaust system provides your car with 3 main points - controls engine noise levels, reduce emissions and to help engine performance. To increase your cars life and prolong future damage, it is absolutely essential that your exhaust system is in a good working condition..

We can provide a range of different exhaust systems for different cars, whether it be a standard system for a regular car, or even a high quality performance system. Why not contact us today to arrange a no obligation quote.

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