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Car Pool Maintenance car pool management, servicing & MOT in Telford

Car Pool Management, Fleet Car Management, Company Car Management Servicing in Telford Newport Shrewsbury Shropshire

More and more these days you see companies using car pools for business related journeys and general business use. This is a cost effective way and can be a good marketing tool.

The service we offer is to take on the management, schedule and eventually the servicing and MOT etc. What this will do, is free you of the hassle and pain of keeping on top and up to date on your vehicles, which could be a handful of cars or even 500+, either way a lot to manage.

To make your life easier we offer a range of different packages starting with a basic bronze package all the way to an exclusive gold package.

Here is an example of what our Gold Package consists of:-

  • Entire Car Pool Management - Entire Car Pool Management - let us worry about that next service!
  • Servicing - Servicing - collection, delivery or even on site servicing when required.
  • MOT - MOT - collection, delivery & MOT of all your vehicles.
  • Courtesy Car(s) - Courtesy Car(s) - 1 or more cars available if needed for those important times.
  • Valeting - Valeting - keeping your company cars looking as new as they did when you bought them.
  • Recovery - Recovery - for those unfortunate times when something has gone wrong.
  • Exclusive Discounts - Exclusive Discounts - for your employees on their own cars.

We understand that our exclusive Gold Package might not be suitable for all companies, so we can build the packages up to suit your needs. Contact us today for a quote.

"Great quality service & honest company, really refreshing to know three are people out there" - Sam Dolan