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Batteries low cost car battery & van batteries in Newport Telford Shrewsbury

Replacement car batteries, new battery for all cars in Newport Telford Shrewsbury Shropshire

Don't be caught out with a dead battery especially on those cold mornings. O'Connell Cars & Commercials car battery service includes a FREE battery check, if necessary a replacement battery and our service also includes environmentally friendly disposal of all old batteries.

Most modern day batteries require low or little maintenance, but to extend the life you can charge it when needed, as well as checking and cleaning your car battery. Modern car batteries have a life expectancy of around three to five years; however it's hard to predict when the end is getting near. By using our equipment, we have a simple test that can tell us instantly how healthy your battery is, once we know we can advise you on whether or not you need a new one.

I need a new battery

If that is the case we can arrange a time that is convenient to you, to either visit our garage or you can take advantage of our on-site/mobile service where we can fit and test your battery to get you on the road again.

"Great quality service & honest company, really refreshing to know three are people out there" - Sam Dolan